April 5, 2014
NL Game 5

A's (Court Diner)   9
Cardinals (Professional Income Tax)   6



It was a very well played game by both teams. The A's and Cardinals both made some very good defensive plays.

Brendan Hefferan led the way for the Athletics, going 3-3 with a double and pitching a scoreless 6th inning, striking out the side. Jaden Jauregui went 2-2 with a walk, and also pitched a scoreless inning, only throwing 12 pitches.

Brandon Short and Evan Golato each had 2 hits for the Cardinals. Jack Edwards and Nick Corritore both had very good outings on the mound for the Cards.

Pitch Counts:
     Jaden Jauregui 12
     Josh Emery 21
     Brendan Hefferan 20

     Jack Edwards 23
     Nick Corritore 28