May 18, 2014
CL Game 48

Red Sox (Media Police)   11
Orioles  (Gregory Hillyard, DMD)   7



Media, PA - Miles "The Bat" Clark went 4 for 4 in this game to lead his Red Sox to a much needed victory. Ben Ettien also contributed in a big way with 3 hits, including a long double to centerfield in the second inning. Grace Ellis played an outstanding third base making several key stops to preserve the win for the Sox. Representatives from Hoover Vacuums were seen in attendance hoping to land a commercial deal with Ellis.

The Orioles also had some big bats in this game. Gabe Taimanglo had 4 hits and 5 RBI to lead the birds in the hitting department. Tyler Debusschere had 3 big hits as well.