April 14, 2014
CL Game 21

Pirates (Oasis Family Fun Center)   10
Marlins (New Tiny Hoagie Shop)   4



On Monday April 14th the Marlins squared off against the Pirates in a game that featured hot bats by both teams from the first pitch.

The Marlins opened up a 3 run lead in the top of the first; the Pirates quickly answered, scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the first inning. The second inning had less offensive action with each team's defense holding the other side scoreless. The Pirates' bats came alive in the bottom of the third as they scored 4 runs. Each team put a run up in the fourth, but that ended the scoring with the Pirates winning the game 10-4.

The Marlins were led in hitting by Allie S. and Gabe B. with 3 hits each; Matt S., Devin K., Nick F. and Joe M. each had 2 hits and Shawn W. had a hit as well.

The Pirates were led in hitting by Roman R. and Sean G. with 3 hits each; Brendan S., Julie G., Angelo C. and A.J. H. each had 2 hits; Nicholas R. and Morgan G. had one hit each.