April 12, 2014
CL Game 18

Pirates (Oasis Family Fun Center)   9
White Sox (Accurate Recycling)   7



On Saturday, April 12th, the Pirates faced off against the White Sox in a closely contested game that came down to the final inning.

The game see-sawed between tight defensive innings and explosive offensive innings. The Pirates took a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the third, when the White Sox answered with 2 runs to tie the game. The fourth inning saw both team's bats come alive as the Pirates put up 3 runs in the top of the inning, while the White Sox once again stormed back with a 5 run bottom half.

The Pirates' bats stayed hot in the top of the fifth as they scored 4 runs. The White Sox held the Pirates scoreless in the top of the sixth and looked to get the win in their final at-bat. The Pirates were able to hold on and won 9-7.

The Pirates were led in hitting by Nicholas R, (5 hits), Sean G. and Roman R. each had 4 hits, while A.J. H. had 3 hits and call-up Brock R. contributed 2 hits. John C., Angelo C. and Julie G. each had a hit.

The White Sox were led by Joe W. with 4 hits, Jason D. and Jenna J. each had 3 hits; Nate and Joe A. each had 2 hits. Patrick J. and Jake S. each had a hit.