April 2, 2014
CL Game 3

Diamondbacks (Pennoni Associates)   5
Orioles (Gregory Hillyard, DMD)   3



The Diamondbacks and the Pirates had a nail biter to start of the 2014 season.


After a slow start, the Diamondbacks scored three runs in the top of the 3rd off of hits from Eddie M., Theo G., Benji W., Zach L., Chris D. and Felix G. The Pirates responded with two runs in the bottom of the 3rd after a single from Sean G. and a HOMERUN by Roman R. After 6 innings the game remained 3 to 2 Diamondbacks. Roman R. and Angelo C. each had three hits for the Pirates. Chris D., Eddie M., and Felix G. all had 3 hits and Zach G. and Benji W. each had 2 hits for the Diamondbacks. Liam B., Nicholas R., Anthony C., Allen K. and Julie G. all had a hit.


A truly fun night was had by both the kids, coaches, and parents. A big thank you to Campbell's coaching staff for bringing some joy to the MLL complex.