May 22, 2013
NL Game 54

Giants (Quinn Construction)   7

Mariners (New Spring Capital)   3



Real star of the show was the infield grass that kept all infielders shallow.



Pitch Counts:

Mariners (3 runs off of 6 hits):
     #3 Sean O'Donnell 52p (1st thru 3rd innings)
     #11 Owen Ovchar 44p (3rd thru 5th innings)
     #12 Liam Buckley 28p (6th inning)

Giants (7 runs off of 8 Hits):
     #10 Michael Costello 78p (1st thru 3rd innings)
     #7 Daulton Rodger 33p (3rd thru 5th innings)
     #9 Adam Carliss 29p (6th inning)