May 21, 2013
NL Game 53

Indians (Cocco's Pizza)   14

A's (Court Diner)   10


Tuesday evening the 2nd place As faced off against the surging but still underdog Indians.

1st -Max Cummings took the hill for the Indians and while working out the bugs allowed 2 hits and a walk to the As but Max settled in striking out three and getting out of the top half giving up 2. Andre Hunter had similar early game jitters walking 4 but then striking out 3. The game was knotted at 2 all after 1.

2nd Max took the mound again but was helped by the tribe flashing some leather in the field and was able to get out of the inning allowing 1 run. The As stayed with Andre who Ked the first batter he faced but that is when the tribes bats came alive. A single by Philip Caruso followed by a triple from Zach Sharkey, single by Max Cummings and another single by Joey Cornacchia rattled the As starter and in the end the Indians were able to post 5 runs in the frame and led the contest 7-3.

3rd Max once again took the mound and was able to hold the As to 2 runs. The As brought in reliever Lizzie Gibion who stabilized the team and even though giving up two hits was able to keep the Indians @ 2 runs.

4th The Indians sent Zach Sharkey to the mound in relief and he was able to hold the As to 1 run while striking out three. The Indians bottom of the inning turned out to be the deciding at bat. With walks issued to a few of the tribes sluggers followed by a single by Philip Caruso and a double by Max Cummings the tribe marched 5 runs across the plate.

5th Zach Sharkey started the inning but was quickly replaced by closer Pat Logan after striking out the first batter followed by a single by Nick Filios. Pat pitched out a jam and was aided by two solid fielding plays by his first basemen, Philip Caruso, and SS, Zach Sharkey. The tribe was held scoreless Sean Corrado struck out three.
6th Pat closed out the game Allowing 1 run but striking out 2.

Each team was able to generate 10 hits but in the end, after a well fought contest, the Indians were able to pull off the upset in a 14 10 victory over the visiting As.



Pitch Counts:
     Max Cummings (1-3) 75
     Zach Sharkey (4-5) 34
     Pat Logan (5-6) 42

     Andre Hunter (1-2) 72
     Lizzy Gibion (3) 27
     Sean McGuire (4) 34
     Sean Corrado (5) 21