May 16, 2013
NL Game 47

Giants (Quinn Construction)   11

A's (Court Diner)   7


A great game played by two quality teams. While the Giants won this one, the NL play of the year came from the Athletics' Carson Steinbach. Carson, playing Centerfield in the second inning, made an epic diving catch at Left-Center, robbing the Giants' Philip Coulter of a big hit and 2-3 potential runs!

Athletics (7 Runs off of 12 Hits)
     #14 Carson Steinbach 41p (1st inning)
     # 4 Seamus Rogers 52p 2nd, 3rd & 4th innings)
     #6 Jaden Jauregui 43p (3rd & 4th innings)

Giants (11 Runs off of 8 Hits)
     #14 Nick Corritore 52p (1st, 2nd & 3rd innings)
     #6 Philip Coulter 32p (3rd & 4th innings)
     #9 Adam Carliss 30p (4th & 5th innings)