April 14, 2013
NL Game 11

Giants (Quinn Construction)   11

Reds (Concord Auto Body)   7


Media, PA (MLL) In a game set as a reunion of former MLL Continental League Champions, The Giants outpaced the Reds 11-7 on a warm Sunday afternoon at National League Field.

For the visiting Giants, 11 runs were scored off of 16 hits, led by sluggers Evan Golato (3 for 4, 2 RBIs), Michael Costello (2 for 3, 2R), Cole Graham (2 for 3, 2R), Nick Corritore (2 for 2, 2RBIs, 2R), Henry Null (2 for 3, 2RBIs, 2R) and Joshua Osher (2 for 2, 2RBIs).

The home Reds were led by Alex Pak (2 for 2, 1 RBI, 3R), Jonathan Aman (3 for 3, 2 RBI, 2R), Sam Pietrzak (2 for 3, 1 RBI, 1R), and Dylan Colvin (1 for 2, 1-2B).

The game featured a reunion of sorts as several members of the 2012 Continental League Champion Angels met for the first time today. Players Michael Costello and Joshua Emery of the Giants, Alex Pak, Dylan Colvin and Sam Pietrzak of the Reds and head Coach Bob Colvin (Reds), assistants Dan Costello (Giants) and Steve Pak (Reds) were a part of an exciting 2012 season that included an epic title run.



Pitch Counts:
Giants (11 runs off 16 hits):
     Adam Carliss 18p (4th Inning)
     Nick Corritore 12p (5th Inning)
     Michael Costello 26p (6th Inning)

Reds (7 runs off 9 hits):
     Justin Mennig 12p (4th Inning)
     Ryan Kitchin 30p (5th Inning)
     Jonathan Aman 8p (6th Inning)