April 8, 2013
NL Game 8

Indians (Cocco's Pizza)   10

Pirates (Media Dental Associates)   2


On a night that brought what seemed like a 20 degree change from preseason and last week’s opener. The Indian’s bats came alive.

After 1st inning the teams were battling and the home team had the 1 run edge @ 2 to 1.

Then came the hits for the Indians…the second inning the home team had a two out rally and lit up the scoreboard with 4 consecutive doubles and a homer by Max Cummings…capping of the 5 run inning… Zack Sharkey also was outstanding at 4 for 4 and 3 RBI’s.

The pitching proved potent for the Indians also Max Cummings and Zack Schuller combined for 5 K’s only allowing 4 walks and 1 run.

Pitch Counts:
Indians (10 runs):
     Max Cummings – 26 pitches
     Zack Schuller – 26

Pirates (2 runs):
     Jake Maillie – 31

     Shane Plotts – 28