April 1, 2013
NL Game 1

Giants (Quinn Construction)   9

Indians (Cocco's Pizza)   8


Media, PA (MLL) - The National League season started out Monday night with an exciting game as the Giants edged the Indians 9 to 8 before a sold out crowd of family, friends and interested NL managers.

For the Orange and Black, Nick Corritore, Michael Costello, Philip Coulter, Evan Golato and Daulton Rodger led the way, each with multiple hits. For the Indians, Zach Sharkey and Harry Simpson connected with multiple hits on the day.

Giants players Michael Costello and Joshua Emery made their NL pitching debuts, while savvy veteran Zach Sharkey controlled the 4th Inning for the Indians. The Tribe's Zach Schuller, a veteran of coach Dan's Fall Ball brigade, also made his successful pitching debut in the 5th.

The Giants (1-0) go on to visit the Athletics this Saturday following Opening Day Ceremonies. The Indians (0-1) move on to host the Mariners Saturday afternoon.


Pitch Counts:
Giants (9 runs, 12 Hits):
     Michael Costello 40 pitches (4th Inning)
     Joshua Emery 41 pitches (5th Inning)

Indians (8 Runs, 7 Hits):
     Zach Sharkey 24 pitches (4th Inning)
     Zach Schuller 9 pitches (5th Inning - Shortened)