May 30, 2013
ML Game 29

Carman Insurance    14

Hagan's Funeral Home   8



Carman won back to back games with another mid teen run production effort. Scott Gibian was effective on the hill for Carman early. Kaden Bard led the attack at the plate going 3 for 3. Scott Gibian, Bradley Dinger, Nate Furman, Nick Martini and Danny McLoughlin all had 2 hits to help the Carman cause. Brendan Stocku and Keith Stubblebine finished off the undertakers on the hill.

Jamie Barker was crafty on the hill for Hagan's early. Luke Bauwens hit a moon shot in the 6th to deep left for 2 runs.



Pitch Counts:
Gibian 37

     Stocku 23

     Stubbs 21

     Barker 35
     Brown 45

     Golub 16