April 22, 2013
CL Game 23

Orioles (Rose Tree Fire Company)   13
Pirates (Hills Subcontracting LLC)   1



According to the local gardeners, April 25th is the day you plant in Philly because there is a 0% chance of frost. Well, April 22nd tried to frost both teams with temps in the 40’s.

In the first, the Pirates showed some nifty glove work in the field, recording a 1-3 putout when the pitcher threw out a runner at to Sam at first. The shortstop ended the inning with a (U-6) unassisted out to end the top of the frame. With the Orioles in the field, the Pirates Lucas hit the ball crisply to third, where Flynn scooped and fired a rope to Matt at first for a 5-3 putout. Three singles and a fielder’s choice mixed in loaded the bases. SS Jake “the Brick” fielded the grounder and threw to Flynn (3B) to end the frame with a 6-5 putout. The first inning was a 0-0 tie. Great defense was on display by both teams.

In the second, the Orioles had no runs, 2 on, and 2 out when the frost lifted. Five hits including Codie and Will (Power) both hitting doubles propelled the Orioles to a 5 run frame.

In the bottom of the second, the Pirates Declan and Jin singled. The third out was recorded with a Jakob (SS) to Nico (3B) 6-5 force out.

In the third Bennett lead off with a home run which was one of two BIG HITS OF THE GAME! Flynn tripled then Quin, Chase and Beppe singled in the inning.

In the third, the Pirates bats got hot. Lucas, Nick and Sarah singled and then Sam smacked a single to plate the Pirates run.

Matt finished the night with a double and a HOME RUN for the other BIG HIT OF THE GAME.

For the Pirates, the Pirate faithful went wild for two big hits by Jin (2 for 2) and Julie with a smooth single.

Both showed off their hitting skills with a big hits.

     Bennett (4 for 4) HR
     Chase (3 for 3)
     Matt (3 for 3) HR - A triple shy of the cycle.
     Will (3 for 3) - Double

     Nick (2 for 3)
     Sarah (2 for 2)
     Sam (2 for 2)
     Jin (2 for 2)
     Julie (1 for 2)

“…it is always a good day when you get grass stains on your knees...”