May 10, 2013 (moved)
CL Game 19

Orioles (Rose Tree Fire Company)   12
A's (Sposato Homes)   11



It was standing room only as the As and Os meet for the second time in 6 days. The fans got to see another well played baseball game that came down to the bottom of the 6th once again.

Both teams put the ball into play forcing the other team to make the outs in the field.

First Inning:
The Orioles first nine hitters put the ball into play. Fine fielding by the As got 3 outs.

The As first seven hitters put the ball into play. Matt at 3rd threw out a runner at first. End of 1st. (Os 4, As 1)


Second Inning:
The Orioles six batters put the ball in play. Brendan made two of the three fielding outs at first.

The As batters saw another third to first put out as Flynn threw from third to Sebastian at first for an out. (Os 5, As 1)

Third Inning:
The Orioles loaded the bases to start the inning. Two infield singles sacrificed in two runs.

The As singled, grounded out to Will at second and then singled, doubled (Tucker) and singled. After Flynn recorded the second out, the As put a few more into play. (Os 7, As 4


Fourth Inning:
The Orioles singled, doubled (Jakob), hit into two fielders choices, two more singles and then a ground out to Ryan first ended the top half of the frame.

The As struck out and then strung together three singles and then a fielders choice. The final batter of the inning hit the ball sharply, however it struck the base runner for the third out of the inning. (Os 10, As 5)


Fifth Inning:
The Orioles started by grounding out to Ben H-R. The next four Os singled and then the Os struck out for the first time of the game. One more single ended the Os run production.

Down 12-5 the As did what the As do and mounted another late inning rally. Two singles and then Aiden doubles, then 5 of the next six singled to 5 run rule to close the 5th. (Os 12, As 10)


Sixth Inning:
The Orioles were frozen out in the top of the sixth. A strike out and then a third to first put out (caught by Tucker) started the frame. Two singles were followed by Tucker scooping a grounder at first to hold the Os scoreless.

The As lead off with two singles with the second being an outfield single making it first and third. The next single plated a run and made it 12-11 with runners on first and second with nobody out.

Each of the next three batters grounded to the shortstop, Flynn, who threw to third, Matt, for three consecutive outs. (Os 12, As 11)