April 6, 2013
CL Game 5

Orioles (Rose Tree Fire Company)   10
Marlins (Cocco's Pizza)   3



The Orioles and Marlins met in the early game this Saturday and played a game that could have gone either way going into the 6th inning.

In the first, the Orioles lead off with two hits, then two K’s, Jakob “Danger” K. loaded the bases and then the next hitter hit into a fielder’s choice.

The Marlins were powered by Matt G., whose lead-off triple got the fans out of their seats.


In the second, after a fine fielding play at first for the first out, Flynn “Zip” smacked a ball to the outfield for a double. Quin “Scrappy Doo” singled and Chase “Big Dog” single. Chase’s RBI started off the scoring.


The Marlins were unable to score in the second.


In the third, the sun and Orioles bats started to heat up. Beppe (single), Matt “the Bat” (double), Jakob (single), Sebastian “the Basher” (single), Bennett “No Nickname Please” (double), Nico (single).


The Marlins bats got warm too. Morgan (single), Matt (single), Lily (single), Nico (single) and Ben (single) plated 2 to cut it to a 5-2 game.


In the fourth, Quin started off with an outfield single, Jenna (single), “Commander” Codie (single), Matt (single) to plate 1 run.  The Marlins did not score.


In the fifth, was the best defensive play of the game. The Orioles lead off with singles by Jakob, Sebastian and Bennett to load the bases. After a strike out, the next batter hit a pop up down the third base line. The runners took off and the pop up was caught. DOUBLE PLAY MARLINS!!! Way to get out of a bases loaded no out jam.


Then the Marlins closed the 6-2 lead to a 6-3 game with another hit my Matt G, Lily, the runners advanced on a ground ball to first that Matt fielded for the force out. Ben’s RBI hit closed the gap to 3 runs going into the 6th.


In the sixth, the Orioles hitters were ready. Quin (single), Chase (single), Jenna (single), Beppe (single), a fielder’s choice out and finally Matt (triple) ended the scoring



Box Score:

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th R H E
Orioles 0 1 4 1 0 4 10 23 0
Marlins 0 0 2 0 1 0 3 8 0