April 1, 2013
AL Game 1

Pazulski Tile & Carpet   7
Quotations Restaurant   6



Great start to a new season, perfect weather and two teams completing all 6 innings.  Scored volleyed back and forth all game, end of 1st 3-3, then the pitching dual started, led by Ian & Sam for Quotations (9 ttl K's) and Kevin, Shane & Christian (13 ttl k's) for Pazulski.

Tied 5-5 after 4 innings, Pazulski took a 1 run lead into the Sixth Inning, Quotations grinded out a run to tie the game on 3 stolen bases following a walk by Jalen L.

Bottom of the sixth, Shane Blose drew a walk and after 2 steals was sitting on third with 0 outs, Sam was bearing down striking out the next 2 Pazulski batters, then Christian Thack single to right field to seal the win for the Red and White!


Great fielding by both teams:
     1) 6 fielding put outs by Quotations
     2) 5 fielding put outs by Pazulski


     Zack Burgess 2-3
     Ian Tierney 1-3
     Sam Eifenbein 1-3

     Kevin Wang 2-3 (1 RBI)
     Conner Kraycik 1-3
     Christian Thack 2-3 (1 RBI's)
     Tom Salko 1-2 (1 RBI)
     Jack Kellogg 1-2



Pitch Counts:

     Kevin Wang 37
     Shane Blose 21
     Christian Thack 52

     Ian Tierney 64
     Sam Elfenbein 59