June 18, 2012
NL Championship Playoff Game 14

Dodgers (Media Copy)    4
Athletics (Court Diner)     1


Dodgers Stun A's, Setup Winner-Takes-All Final Game


(Media, PA) - A cool night in the Delaware Valley this evening provided the perfect backdrop for a would-be fall classic in tonight's MLL National League finals. The regular season champion A's played host to the streaking Dodgers in a classic championship match-up. The pitching and defense were truly outstanding. This writer wishes he knew more kids from the A's to give them props but they threw the leather around like nobody's business tonight. But the Dodgers team was equally as stingy on defense. Highlight real catches by Michael Cropper, from the catcher's position no less, and a tumbling effort by Garvey Williams at first base to end the 5th, were amazing.

Playing their 3rd game in 4 days meant the Dodger staff was stretched to the limit. In order to have any shot at pulling off back-to-back victories, the Dodgers needed a strong start from Shane Kokoska. Shane did not disappoint. Kokoska allowed just one run over 3 and 2/3s innings. In the process he struck out 5 A's. The always bubbly Kokoska lamented, "I didn't have my good stuff tonight, so I had to battle. Besides, my Dad had me sit in the basement and watch super-8 films of his little league championship game from like 1000 years ago. He lost. But he kept blaming the ump and his catcher, then he just left the room crying. Not sure what I got out of that.".

From that point forward, the Dodger bullpen kept the A's off-balance. Middle-reliever Sam Much pitched a shut out 1 and 1/3 innings to bring the game to "The Cooler" for the 6th and final frame. Adrian Kohler was a man on a mission. Looking defiant, snapping the throws back from the catcher. In fact, Adrian looked more like Al "the mad Hungarian" Hrobosky, then his cool persona typically allows for. But nonetheless, Kohler came on to shut out the A's with 2 strike outs, and the last out was recorded on a smooth play at short that went from Kokoska to Williams. "Ice, ICe, Baby", Kohler repeated over and over after the game.

Hitting wise, no too much to report... unless you're talking about Sam Much! Sam had another RBI tonight, as his Mr. June type month continues. But the scoring was started off by none other than Robert "King Kong" Furlan. Furlan doubled home a run in the 2nd to stake the Dodgers to a 1-0 lead. Then the Dodgers rallied for a 3 spot in the 3rd. Runs were scored by Robert Johnson, Sam Much and Shane Kokoska. They were driven in my Much and Kohler (2 RBI double). There could have been more runs if not for a great play from the A's right fielder who gunned down Michael "Tex" San Antonio at the plate. The A's would scratch a run off of Shane Kokoska in the bottom half of the third but that was it.

Foul Balls... The Dodgers are trying to become the first team to win the National League title since Bob Sypher led Red-Stockings turned the trick in 1941....Adrian Kohler will get the start tomorrow... Randy Cropper was not available tonight as he was serving his duties as U.N. Ambassador. Said Cropper, "Not sure what's worse, strike outs, errors, or trying to get the Israelis and Palestinians to sit down in a room for more than five minutes without someone throwing a hissy fit. These guys are killing me. BREATHE, I tell them, BREATHE, but they don't listen".... It's official, the Elias Sports Bureau has verified that A's Bench Coach Bart Cavanaugh is the last man on earth with an AOL email account.


Pitch Counts:

     Blose - 77 (Not available tomorrow)
     Aman - 20 (Available tomorrow)
     Cavanaugh - 5 (Available tomorrow)

     Kokoska - 76 (Not available tomorrow)
     Much - 34 (Not available tomorrow)
     Kohler - 18 (Available tomorrow)

** Cropper, Sacks - also not available tomorrow**