June 16, 2012
NL Playoff Game 13

Dodgers (Media Copy)    11
Pirates (Concord Auto Body)     10

(Media, PA) - The cardiac-kid Dodgers were at it again on Saturday. After spotting their rival Pirates, two five run leads (5-0 and 10-5), the never-say-die Dodgers fought their way to an 11-10 victory at MLL Stadium on Saturday. The win was their second in less than 24 hours. Said Pat Buckley, "I think I really inspired the kids today. Just my mere presence gets the kids to play at another level. I know Randy is the manager and Travis is the assistant, but nobody keeps the book like I do. Like when we score a run, I fill in that diamond perfectly, nothing over the lines. I think I'll bring my crayons to the finals.".

Quite honestly, I'm spent and I don't have much left to write this article. And, the true team effort today is difficult to encapsulate. So, instead of the narrative, here are some good highlights...

Michael Cropper - Mike got off to a very rough start pitching, getting touched for 5 runs in the first. But, given Czar Hess' draconian pitch count rules, the Dodgers NEEDED him to hang tough and he did. Cropper regrouped and completed 3 full innings, shutting out the Pirates in the 2nd and 3rd. Couldn't be prouder, Mike. You showed tons of heart.

Corin Sacks - After getting drilled while pitching last night, all Corin did was pitch a strong 2 2/3s innings in relief. A truly amazing performance that helped stabilize the game and allowed the Dodgers to come back. Monster performance, Corin.

Sam Much - Sam, is officially on fire. On base 3 times today, scored two runs and his Brooks Robinson like play at 3rd continues.

RJ Host - RJ reached base all four times today, including 2 hits and scored 3 runs. I'm not sure where that came from, but we're happy it happened. Great job, RJ.

Robert "F" Furlan - Wow. Just wow. Man on third, 2 outs, 2 strikes against him and all he did was single to left to win the game and put the Dodgers into the Championship round. Robert, you are King Kong!!!

Foul Balls... Closer Shane Kokoska worked the least (5 pitches) but picked up the victory after striking out perhaps the Pirates best hitter. "Good for me. I deserve it." said Shane.... Randy Cropper will not be able to make Monday's game. "Look, my chi is all out of wack as it. If I don't get to my bikram class with my absolute favoritist Yogi, I just feel like I'll be all out of harmony with the universe."... Nothing left but the finals, folks. The Dodgers will meet the A's. The the green-clad A's are managed by Tom Scanlon and Bart Cavanaugh, better known as the Irish Mafia. Said Scanlon, "You know it's summer in Ireland when the rain gets warmer.". Uh? Good luck anyway Tom, see you Monday!

Disclaimer - All writings above are ficticious in particular those mentioning Patrick Buckley. All questions about Mr. Buckley and/or is portrayal in any MLL article are the sole property of Mr. Buckley and cannot be sold or reduplicated without his expressed, written consent. (Howard, Howard and Fine, esq., LLC)

Pitch Counts:

     Cropper 78 (Next Available, Thursday)
     Sacks 75 (Next Available, Thursday)
     Kokoska 5 (Next Available, Monday
     Williams DNP (Available Monday)
     Kohler DNP (Available Monday)
     Much DNP (Available Monday)

     Kokoska 5 (Next Available, Saturday)