June 11, 2012
NL Playoff Game 9

Dodgers (Media Copy)    12
Red Sox (Media Dental)     0

(Media, PA) Facing elimination for the first time this season, the Dodgers came out with a vengeance hitting, pitching and defending their way to a 12-0 decision over the Red Sox. Coming off a hard-fought, heart-thumping 11-10 victory on Saturday, the Red Sox played valiantly but could not overcome the Dodger effort which was easily their strongest and most complete of the year. Summed up by Dodger skipper Randy Cropper, "We got our mojo back. I am officially putting the league on notice. Assuming that's ok with Michelle, of course".

Shane Kokoska, normally the Dodger closer, started his first game of the season. He completed 3 shutout innings in just 48 pitches. He passed the baton in the 4th inning to Adrian "the Cooler" Kohler who maintained the Dodger shutout. All in all, a very strong performance by the Dodger hurlers.

Hitting-wise, the Dodgers rekindled their early season magic by combining walks and timely hits. Kokoska, Robert Furlan and Garvey Williams all had key hits to drive in runs. Williams' was especially important as his 2nd inning triple cleared the bases and staked the Dodgers to an early 10-0 lead.

Defensively, the Dodgers were rock solid. Michael Cropper caught a tremendous game, Furlan displayed the fine Corinthian leather on a number of occasions and RJ Host turned in the web gem of the day. Playing right field, Host charged hard on a would-be single to right and then came throwing... TO FIRST! Host's rocket from right gunned the astounded runner by a couple steps as it was secured nicely by Corin Sacks at first base. "Sometimes, I wonder why they run on RJ. RJ has good arm. Check that. RJ has great arm. Don't run on RJ. Repeat. Don't run on RJ!", said RJ.

Foul Balls...The Dodgers next game is on Thursday night. They will face the winner of the Orioles/Marlins match up on Tuesday night.... The Dodgers are 0-1-1 vs. the Orioles this season and were 3-0 against the Marlins. All games were very close. Thursday night promises to be a bumpy ride, no matter who they'll face... Given Kokoska and Kohler's economy of pitches on tonight, every pitcher on the Dodger staff is available for Thursday night. This is very important because if the Dodgers win out, they'll play Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All hands will need to be on deck pitching-wise... Lastly, you may have noticed Dodger catcher Michael Cropper replete in his flashy new catcher's gear. This is the result of Cropper's new endorsement deal with Easton. Cropper will reportedly early $2.3 million over the next 4 years for switching to Easton. The monies will be paid directly to his lunch account.

Pitch Counts:


     Kokoska 48
     Kohler 15