June 7, 2012
NL Playoff Game 4

Dodgers (Media Copy)    8
Marlins (ICS)     7

Cropper's Boys Dodge Near Loss in Playoff Opener

(Media, PA) - Much like weather overhead last night, the Dodger offense looked foreboding, made some noise but when it came down to it, never had much pop. Despite loading the bases in multiple innings, the Dodgers lacked that big extra base hit that came so easily earlier in the year. Nevertheless, the Dodger is team is very dangerous as they continue to win close games. They have transformed from a offensive juggernaut to a team built on pitching and defense. If they ever start hitting again, this team will be very difficult to deal with.

Early on Thursday night the Marlins dominated. The Fish crossed the plate 5 times in the first inning by combining several walks, then several key hit. But similar to his last outing, Dodger pitcher Adrian Kohler settled in after a rocky start and only allowed one more run in this 3 innings of work. "I didn't have my good stuff tonight but I battled" said Kohler. However, the Dodgers rallied and lead 7-6 going into the 4th inning.

Garvey Williams game into pitch a shutout fourth but was then replaced in the 5th by Shane Kokoska. However, Williams' work was just beginning. In the 5th, Kokoska managed to get 3 Marlin outs on just 5 pitches, aided in large part by a nifty double-play pulled off by Williams as he manned 1st base. However, the Marlins still managed to tie the game at 7 apiece going into the bottom of the 5th. During the bottom of the 5th, the Dodgers scratched out a single run, making the score 8-7 when Max Cummings crossed home.

Moving the 6th, Shane Kokoska resumed his closer role. He was able to keep the Marlins off the board despite allowing a couple of base runners and Dodgers narrowly hung on to gain the 8-7 victory. All in all, it was a tremendous win for the Dodgers. Key defensive plays were turned in by Williams, Kohler, and Robert Johnson. However, no play was as spectacular as Sam Much's catch to record the final out. Channeling his inner Brooks Robinson, Much was playing 3rd base and speared a line drive destined for left to secure the win.... well, that's the way I saw it!

Foul Balls... In the second round of the playoffs the Dodgers will take on Bob Sypher's Pirates. The Dodgers split the season series with the Pirates this year. The game will be held Saturday at 12:00 noon. Proud Pirate parents Mark and Jess Anderson will sing the national anthem.... Sypher's squad comes in very confident. Said the brash Sypher, "Let's face it, we're the hottest team in the league. I'm pretty sure we'll win like 1000 - 0.".... Despite previous reports Michael San Antonio did not change his name to San Francisco, San Mateo, San Diego or Santa Claus. Sorry Michael, this reporter is very tired these days... In a related story, Dodger assistant Travis Kokoska has been fined for repeatedly calling Max Cummings by his brother's name. Said Shane Kokoska, "Big surprise, he's been calling me Ty since I was born. I don't even know what to answer to anymore."