June 6, 2012
NL Playoff Game 3

Orioles (Quinn Construction)    9

Twins (Professional Income Tax)    5

In the most closely played game in memory, the Orioles and Twins battled for 8 that is not a typo - 8 innings. And yes they did it during a week night gamewith daylight left to spare.

On a beautiful day for baseball with a slight chill in the air and clear skies the Twins and Orioles met for the closely contested, as expected, first round of the National League Playoffs.

After 1 the teams were knotted at 0. Both pitchers notched 2 Ks a piece and were supported with fine play in the field.

In the 2nd the Twins got on the board with three hits by Jack, Spence and Nathan taking a 2 1 lead. The Os got on the board with an RBI by Matt. Nick flashed some leather snagging a line drive at first base preventing more runs from scoring. Sammy and his battery mate Justin ended their outing King 3

The 3rd inning brought more scoring. Twins 5 Orioles 3: The Orioles came out determined to cut into the Twins advantage and did so after Slammin Sammy Burman roped a 2 RBI single. The Twins responded and were able to increase their lead with two walks and two hits - single by Patrick and a 2 RBI single by Jack.

4th inning The Os were able to tack on another run after singles by Josh and an RBI Single by Ben. Eliiiiiii was in a groove, after allowing a single by Nathan, he struck out the next 3. Twins 5 Orioles 4.

5th inning belonged to the pitchers again after allowing a single to the leadoff batter Eliiiiii struck out the next 3. Twins 5 Orioles 4.

6th inning with the game on the line the Orioles mounted their charge. Nick led off with a HUGH single and stole a bag. Sam worked a walk and Josh came to the plate with 1 out and Nick on second. Josh stroked a ball and Nick broke off of second in a fielders choice Josh was out at first but with some good base running Nick was able to round third and head toward home. With Nick sliding in at home the game was knotted once again and headed into the bottom half. Eliiii took the hill and promptly Kd 3 batters in 16 pitches. Twins 5 Orioles 5.

7th once again belonged to the pitching staffs for both teams Pink was able to work a walk but got stranded at second base. To the bottom - Eliiiiii in his most efficient inning got 2 Ks and Sammy made a fine play at first 9 pitches in the end that in itself proved to be a key. Twins 5 Orioles 5.

8th On came the big guns for the Os Marc So FINE was hit by a pitch to lead off and then promptly stole 2nd and was moved over to third on a hard hit ball by Dr Pepper. Gavin then stepped to the plate and stroked a double scoring So FINE. Nick came up to the plate for the 4th time in the contest and got himself another single. Sammy worked a walk and then Big Dog Josh stepped to the plate with bases loaded. You guessed it he roped a shot off of the left field fence scoring three. Once again it was time for Eliiiiii to go to work. And once again he made short work of it 2 more Ks to bring is total to 13 THE TWINS WENT DOWN 1-2-3. Os win 9 5 advance in the winners bracket and will square off against the As Saturday AM.

Quote of the day: Put it all back in perspective bottom of the 7th tied at 5. Ryan and Gavin chatting in the dugout.Ryan the coaches look all stressed out Gavin yea - but the other coaches look even more stressed out!

Good game by both teams let the Twins coach keep talking trash about the Oreos


Pitch Counts:


     Burman 47