June 16, 2012
CL Playoff Game 7 - Championship Game

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   14

Mariners (Cavanagh Family Funeral Homes)   6



In what turned out to be an energetic display of offensive and defensive talents from both sides of the field, the Angels went on to defeat an impressive Mariners team 14-6 to take the 2012 Media Little League Continental League title this morning at Continental Field.

The Mariners went down 1-2-3 in the top of the first inning as fielding extraordinaire Kadin Matotek handled a Jeremy Cohen pop-out and tossed a Colin Curran grounder to First Baseman Michael Costello. The Angels bats came calling in the bottom of the first as all eight of their first batters got hits, including doubles by Kadin and Alex Pak. Five runs came across the plate to start the game at 5-0 Angels.

In the top of the second, the Mariners reached base twice on singles by sluggers Caden Paukstis and Shane Hall, but would fall prey to more Angels defense as Kadin M and Alex P would toss two more outs to Michael C. at 1st. In the bottom of the second, the Angels would add another four runs off of six hits, including a single by Sam Kleinman scoring Alex Maillie and a key double by Rowan Degnan that drove in three runs in Jake Maillie, Isabella Mingioni and Sam K.. However, the Mariners showed their own skill as Third Baseman Jeremy Cohen nabbed an Alex Pak line drive for an out, tagging his base for a force of Rowan D., ending the inning with a major-league-worthy double play. Score at the end of two was 9-0 Angels.

The Mariners collected two more hits in the top of the third, led by Andrew Lyon and Emma Curran. Following two strikeouts, Jeremy Cohen hit a speedy grounder towards the first baseline that was nabbed by Michael Costello to retire the side, halting the Mariners from capitalizing with two runners on base. In the bottom of the third, the Angels managed to score one run as Dylan Colvin crossed the plate courtesy of a Damian Carr single. The Mariners’ defense took over, with Pitcher Ethan Smith catching a Michael Costello pop-up for the first out and Smith connecting with 1B Jerry Wilson to get Alex Maillie out to end the inning. After three, it was 10-0 Angels.

In the top of the fourth inning, the Mariners came out smashing as they collected three runs on four hits in the inning. Jerry Wilson scored the team’s first run off a Caden Paukstis RBI single. After Noah Griffith advanced the runners with a nice double, Andrew Lyon would bring two home with a key single. First Baseman Alex Pak would, however, contain the damage with two force-out grounders at 1B en route to closing out the inning. In the bottom of the fourth, the Mariners kept the Angels in check with a 1-2-3 inning including another combination from P Ethan Smith to 1B Jerry Wilson, this time collecting off a Jake Maillie grounder down the middle. Score after four was 10-3 Angels.

In the top of the fifth inning, the Mariners continued to build to their score, adding three more runs off of five hits. Colin Bramley started the inning with a single and would advance to third on a Jeremy Cohen double. Jerry Wilson hit a single that scored Bramley while Cohen would cross home plate off a Shane Hall single. After Ethan Smith hit a groundout to 1B Alex Pak, Caden Paukstis struck gold again, hitting another single and scoring teammate Jerry Wilson to cut the score to 10-6. While Noah Griffin would fly-out to Pitcher Dylan Colvin, the Mariners made it clear they came out to play serious baseball.

The Angels responded in the bottom of the fifth with a rally of their own. After a Rowan Degnan flyout to Pitcher Ethan Smith, Kadin Matotek and Alex Pak singled to get on base. Kadin scored on a Michael Costello single. With two on base and one out, Dylan Colvin launched a ball to the outfield as Alex and Michael rushed around the bases. Colvin’s hit proved to be big one as it turned into a three run homerun, upping the score to 14-6. After a few singles by Sam Pietrzak and Damien Carr, the Mariners would end the inning as 3B Jeremy Cohen snagged an Alex Maillie grounder, securing a 3B force out of Sam P. to end the inning.

With the score now 14-6 Angels, the game entered the sixth and final inning of play, one known to all for the opportunity of scoring unlimited runs per CL rules. With fans, families, coaches and players feeling the pressure, the electricity at Continental Field could have lit the parking lot of Springton Lake Middle School for a month. Andrew Lyon led off for the Mariners, hitting a speedy grounder towards third base, however, the Angels’ Michael Costello grabbed it and launched a bullet of a throw to Alex Pak to nab the first out while gaining some wild cheers of the fans in the stands along the first baseline. After a strikeout for out #2, Colin Bramley hit a ball in the same location as Andrew, this time, beating out Michael C’s toss by a hair. Colin Curran was up next; with two hits, he collected a single to advance Bramley to second. With two outs, big bat Jeremy Cohen was the man at the plate charged with a crucial rally. While Jeremy made a connection that headed in the direction of second base, Pitcher Dylan Colvin positioned himself in the right location. In an ironic connection three years in the making, Dylan C. snagged the ball, tossing it to his fellow third-year teammate Michael Costello at 3B, ending the game and starting the party. The Angels players, coaches and fans erupted as hats and gloves went flying into the air to celebrate the victory of the newly crowned champions.

Calling the game was Jim Cawley of the Rays at the pitching machine, Jim Rogers of the Dodgers along the first base line and Brad Zilch of the Brewers along the third base line. The Angels and Mariners thank Jim, Brad and Jim for calling such a crucial game straight down the middle.

Following a game ending handshake and team victory lap around the field, Coach Bob Colvin made good on an early season promise to Kadin Matotek by dancing to Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping,” joined by several Angels showing off their breakdancing skills. The game had special meaning to one Sam Kleinman, as his teammates were able to deliver a special gift of a Championship on his seventh birthday. The Kleinman family reciprocated by breaking out special Red & White “baseball cupcakes” to Celebrate Super Sam’s 7th as well as the team’s title.

That evening, many of the Angels made the trip to Wilmington DE to watch the Blue Rocks in action, where they were recognized on the field prior to the game for their accomplishments this season. In addition, the Angels earned a round of applause and respect from the eventual National League Champion Ahletics led by Manager Tom Scanlon, who made a point to openly congratulate the Angels prior to the game for their Title. The Angels congratulate their fellow MLL champions for a much accomplished season.

With the season complete and the Angels winning it all, this writer (Dan Costello) felt that the last write-up of the year wouldn’t be complete without giving a nod to each member of the team. Therefore, we congratulate our Rose Tree Fire Company ANGELS one by one:

#1 Alex Pak – “A-Pak”, as the team affectionately calls him, was a speedster on the field and along the basepaths. Alex was a co-leader on the team in extra base hits and proved to be ever-dependable on the field with his glove. Alex is moving on to represent the Angels and MLL as a member of the 7-year-old All-Star team this summer.

#2 “Super” Sam Kleinman – A passionate student of the game, Sam withstood several practice-relate injuries to become the blossoming fielder and hitter many expected to see this season. His attention to detail and instruction complemented his instinctual play. Few will forget Sam’s impressive RBI double on April 28, 2012 versus the Rays

#3 “Amazin’ ” Alex Maillie – A second-year Angel, Alex exuded confidence each time he came to bat, running off an impressive streak of hits towards the second half of the season. His skills behind the plate as catcher and along the left side of the infield will continue to improve as he becomes a force in future little league play.

#4 “Jammin’” Jake Maillie – Another second-year Angel, Jake grew to become a wizard with the glove, catching everything from flyballs to line drives and grounders and making outs a regular part of his daily play. His bat started catching on towards the end as he was consistently rounding the basepaths, cashing in on RBI’s and scoring runs for the Banana Warriors.

#5 Michael “Byrdman” Byrd – With a consistent bat and the speed to boot, Michael was a regular around the basepath circuit. His rifle of an arm will have many throughout MLL taking notice in upcoming seasons.

#6 “Monster” Michael Costello – A power hitter in 2012 humbled by an ankle injury, Michael became the team’s defensive center with his steady glove at First Base. Few, however, will forget his lighting putouts from 3rd base in the regular season as well as the championship game. Michael leaves after a two-year stint with the mighty Angels a better player for his experience and appreciative of his coaches and teammates. Michael will move on to a second year of post-season play, Representing Media Little League as a part of its 8-year-old All Star Team.

#7 “Captain Doubles” Joshua Emery – a second year CL veteran, Joshua goes down as one of the best free agent pickups in CL history. His skills around the diamond, including his work at first base were always key to making steady out of opponents hitting. And while he had some minor troubles with his bat early on, he found his way through them in the second half of the season, reminding everyone of why we call him ‘Captain Doubles’ throughout the playoffs!

#8 “Izzy-B’ Isabella Mingioni – a Mingioni/Angels legacy, Isabella was one of our consistent players in the field for her quick field and throw action to end plays quickly. Most exciting was her batting, where, after finding her swing, Isabella went on a tear, going through several games at the end of the season without a strikeout!

#9 Sam “The Punisher” Pietrzak – Despite missing a two-week period with the team, allegedly saving the world from utter doom, Sam came along this season, developing a good glove, sharp instincts and a consistent bat from the left side of the plate. An engaging player with a love for the game, Sam will undoubtedly be in demand as the 2013 season approaches.

#10 “DC” Dylan Colvin – A second-year vet of the Angels Franchise and third year member of “Team Colvin”, Dylan’s glove and fielding instincts shined again in 2012 as they did in 2011. It was his bat that came alive in 2012 as he led the team with RBI’s and shared the lead in multiple base hits. Dylan is moving on to proudly represent Media Little League this Summer as a part of its 7 year-old all-Star team.

#11 Rowan “The Ram” Degnan – One of the team’s youngest players, Rowan showed early that he could keep up with his older teammates by way of his glove, bat, and ‘can-do’ attitude. A consistent hitter with a penchant for not knowing the meaning of the word “Strikeout”, Rowan was elevated to the leadoff spot midway through the season, rewarding the team with leadoff hits and runs in every game since. Rowan will undoubtedly become a leader on whatever team he plays for in 2013.

#12 ‘The Great Dane” Damian Carr – A second-year Angel and third year member of the “Coach Colvin” dynasty, Damian and his legendary wooden bat would garner the attention and affection of coaches and fans throughout the Continental League who would anticipate to hear that glorious sound of wood hitting leather everytime Damian crushed a ball to left or centerfield.

#13 “Kid Dynamite” Kadin Matotek – Arguably the heart & soul of the team, Kadin was a consistent star both on the field and in the batter’s box. His glovework, whether at pitcher, short or third, regularly resulted in quick throws to the first baseman’s glove in time for critical outs. His Bat was feared as he was among the team leaders in average, RBI’s and extra base hits, striking out once the entire season. Before moving on to the National league in 2013, Kadin will proudly represent the Angels and Media Little League as a member of its 8-year-old All-Star team.

Caden Paukstis 3 for 3, 2RBI, 1R
Jerry Wilson 2 for 3, 1RBI, 2R
Shane Hall 2 for 3, 1RBI
Andrew Lyon 2 for 3, 2RBI
Colin Bramley 2 for 4, 1R
Noah Griffin 1 for 3, 1-2B, 1R
Jeremy Cohen 1 for 4, 1-2B, 1R

Dylan Colvin 3 for 3, 1-HR, 4RBI, 3R
Joshua Emery 3 for 3
Sam Pietrzak 3 for 3, 1RBI
Damian Carr 3 for 3, 2RBI
Kadin Matotek 3 for 3, 1-2B, 2R
Rowan Degnan 2 for 3, 1-2B, 3RBI, 1R
Alex Pak 2 for 3, 1-2B, 2RBI, 2R
Michael Costello 2 for 3, 1RBI, 2R
Sam Kleinman 1 for 2, 1RBI, 1R
Jake Maillie 1 for 2, 1R
Isabella Mingioni 1 for 2, 1R
Alex Maillie 1 for 3, 1R



Fourth Inning – 3 Runs
#1 Jerry Wilson (Caden Paukstis 1B)
#2 Caden Paukstis (Andrew Lyon 1B)
#3 Noah Griffin (Andrew Lyon 1B)

Fifth Inning – 3 Runs
#4 Colin Bramley (Jerry Wilson 1B)
#5 Jeremy Cohen (Shane Hall 1B)
#6 Jerry Wilson (Caden Paukstis 1B)



First Inning – 5 Runs
#1 Rowan Degnan (Alex Pak 2B)
#2 Kadin Matotek (Alex Pak 2B)
#3 Alex Pak (Dylan Colvin 1B)
#4 Michael Costello (Sam Pietrzak 1B)
#5 Dylan Colvin (Damian Carr 1B)

Second Inning – 4 Runs
#6 Alex Maillie (Sam Kleinman 1B)
#7 Jake Maillie (Rowan Degnan 2B)
#8 Isabella Mingioni (Rowan Degnan 2B)
#9 Sam Kleinman (Rowan Degnan 2B)

Third Inning – 1 Run
#10 Dylan Colvin (Damian Carr 1B)

Fifth Inning – 4 runs
#11 Kadin Matotek (Michael Costello 1B)
#12 Alex Pak (Dylan Colvin HR)
#13 Michael Costello (Dylan Colvin HR)
#14 Dylan Colvin (Dylan Colvin HR)