June 14, 2012
CL Playoff Game 6

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   16

Diamondbacks (Cocco's Pizza)   6



The Angels Defeated the Diamondbacks 16-6 before a frenzied crowd of fans, family and friends at Continental field tonight.

The Diamondbacks Scored 6 runs off of 13 hits tonight, led by sluggers Luke Mersch (2 for 2, 1-RBI, 1-R), Joshua Rodgers (2 for 2, 1-R), Nico Villalobos (2 for 2), Kelton Brunner (1 for 2, 1-R), Nicholas Corritore (1 for 2, 1-R), Joey Cornacchia (1 for 2, 1-R), Jake McDowell (1 for 2, 1-2B, 3-RBI), Lizzy Gibian (1 for 2, 1B), Blayke Reid (1 for 2, 1-3B) and Sam Davenport (1 for 2, 1-2B, 1-RBI). The Diamondbacks kept the game in reach courtesy of a power fourth inning of five runs, featuring a base clearing three run double by Jake McDowell that cut the score to 8-6. Defensively, The Diamondbacks collected four defensive outs in the field. Centerfielder (name) tossed a dart to second basemen Joey Cornacchia for a textbook fielder's choice out of Michael Costello at 2B in the bottom of the third inning. Joey Cornacchia also withstood some interference for a nice grab of a Damian Carr popout to end the third inning. In the fifth inning, Pitcher (Name) caught a Joshua Emery line-drive in the bottom of the fifth inning for the first out.

The Angels scored 16 runs off of 27 hits through five innings of play. Leading sluggers included Kadin Matotek (3 for 3, 1-3B, 1-RBI, 3-R), Michael Costello (3 for 3, 1-RBI, 1-R), Sam Pietrzak (3 for 3, 1-2B, 3-RBI, 1-R), Alex Maillie (3 for 3, 1-R), Jake Maillie (3 for 3, 1-RBI, 1-R), Isabella Mingioni (1 for 2, 1-RBI, 1-R), Rowan Degnan (2 for 3, 2-R), Alex Pak (2 for 3, 1-RBI, 1-R), Dylan Colvin (2 for 3, 1-2B, 3-RBI, 2-R), Joshua Emery (2 for 3, 1-2B, 1-RBI, 1-R), Damian Carr (2 for 3, 1-2B, 1-RBI, 1-R) and Michael Byrd (1 for 3, 1-2B, 1-RBI, 1-R). The Angels countered an impressive Diamondbacks fourth inning 5-run performance with a 5-run inning of their own, with four of the five RBI’s occurring with two outs in the inning. Defensively, the Angels had five defensive outs on the night, featuring four outs in the first inning shared by the impressive combo of Second Baseman Alex Pak and First Baseman Michael Costello.

Calling the game was the coaching staff of the Mariners, with Bill Paukstis at the pitching machine and Steve Cohen and Neil Curran working the basepaths. The Angels and Diamondbacks thank the Mariners for calling the game straight down the middle.

The Angels move on to the championship game this Saturday against the Mariners in what is sure to be an exciting match. The game is slated for a 9:30am start, followed by Media Little League’s 61st Annual Closing Ceremonies. Angels’ players, fans and families are excited for the final as the chants of “BELIEVE” will be abundant this coming weekend!



First Inning – 5 Runs
#1 – Rowan Degnan (Dylan Colvin 2B)
#2 – Kadin Matotek (Dylan Colvin 2B)
#3 – Michael Costello (Sam Pietrzak 2B)
#4 – Dylan Colvin (Sam Pietrzak 2B)
#5 – Joshua Emery (Damian Carr 2B)

Third Inning – 3 Runs
#6 – Kadin Matotek (Alex Pak 1B)
#7 – Alex Pak (Joshua Emery 2B)
#8 – Dylan Colvin (Sam Pietrzak 1B)

Fourth Inning – 5 Runs
#9 – Alex Maillie (Isabella Mingioni 1B)
#10 – Jake Maillie (Kadin Matotek 1B)
#11 – Isabella Mingioni (Alex Pak 1B)
#12 – Rowan Degnan (Michael Costello 1B)
#13 – Kadin Matotek (Dylan Colvin 1B)

Fifth Inning – 3 Runs
#14 – Sam Pietrzak (Michael Byrd 2B)
#15 – Damian Carr (Alex Maillie 1B)
#16 – Michael Byrd (Jake Maillie 1B)



Third Inning – 1 Run
#1 – Joshua Rodgers (Sam Davenport 2B)

Fourth Inning – 5 Runs
#2 – Kelton Brunner (Jake McDowell 2B)
#3 – Nicholas Corritore (Jake McDowell 2B)
#4 – Joey Cornacchia (Jake McDowell 2B)
#5 – Jake McDowell (Luke Mersch 1B)
#6 – Luke Mersch (Blayke Reid 3B)