June 9, 2012
CL Playoff Game 4

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   13

Dodgers (Media Copy)   6



The Angels Defeated the Dodgers 13-6 before a packed out this afternoon at Continental Field in a much-anticipated showdown between the league’s two biggest run-producers of the 2012 season.

The Dodgers scored 6 runs off of 17 hits, including an impressive 5-run inning in the fourth to keep the game in competitive balance. They were led by sluggers Seamus Rogers (3 for 3, 1-2B, 1-R), Matt Sparling (3 for 3, 1-R), Jack Bateman (2 for 3, 1-R, 2-RBI), Daniel Morgans (1 for 3, 2-RBIs, 1-R), Sean Maguire (1 for 2, 1-RBI) and Evan Golato (1 for 2, 1-RBI). Defensively, the Dodgers made four defensive outs in the game, including an impressive pop-out/tag of first double-play in the first inning by (name).

The Angels combined for 13 runs off of 22 hits in six innings of play, led by Rowan Degnan (3 for 3, 1-2B, 3-RBI, 1-R), Dylan Colvin (3 for 3, 3-2B, 2-RBi, 1-R), Joshua Emery (3 for 3, 2-2B, 2-RBi, 1-R), Alex Maillie (2 for 2, 1-RBI), Isabella Mingioni (1 for 2, 2-R), Sam Kleinman (2 for 2, 2-R) Kadin Matotek (2 for 3, 1-RBI, 2-R) and Michael Costello (2 for 3, 1-3B, 2-RBI, 2-R). The team’s resiliency paid off, as they countered a Dodgers fourth inning surge with a five-run inning of their own followed by another five in the 5th to put the game away. Defensively, the Angels accounted for 9 defensive outs, none bigger than a first inning race to the plate where pitcher Kadin Matotek beat out the Dodgers’ Philip Caruso to prevent a key run from scoring.

The Angels and Dodgers would like to thank Jim Cawley and Mike Kinsley of the Rays for officiating the game, calling it straight down the line.

The Angels move on to the Semifinals where they will face an upstart Diamondbacks team, fresh off a first round victory over the top-seeded Nationals. The Game is scheduled for Thursday, June 14, 2012, 6:00pm at Continental Field.



Third Inning – 3 Runs
#1 – Jake Maillie (Rowan Degnan 2B)
#2 – Isabella Mingioni (Rowan Degnan 2B)
#3 - Sam Kleinman (Alex Pak 2B)

Fourth Inning – 5 Runs
#4 – Kadin Matotek (Michael Costello 3B)
#5 – Michael Costello (Dylan Colvin 2B)
#6 – Dylan Colvin (Joshua Emery 2B)
#7 – Joshua Emery (Michael Byrd 1B)
#8 – Sam Pietrzak (Alex Maillie 1B)

Fifth Inning – 5 Runs
#9 – Isabella Mingioni (Rowan Degnan 2B)
#10 – Sam Kleinman (Kadin Matotek 1B)
#11 – Rowan Degnan (Michael Costello 1B)
#12 – Kadin Matotek (Dylan Colvin 2B)
#13 – Michael Costello (Joshua Emery 2B)



First Inning – 1 Run
#1 Matthew Buckley (Jack Bateman 1B)

Fourth Inning – 5 Runs
#2 – Seamus Rogers (Jack Bateman 1B)
#3 – Matthew Sparling (Daniel Morgans 2B)
#4 – Jack Bateman (Daniel Morgans 2B)
#5 – Daniel Morgans (Sean Maguire 1B)
#6 – Aidan Nolen (Evan Golato 1B)