June 9, 2012
AL Playoff Game 6

Quotations Restaurant   9

Mainstay Investments    8


Another exciting game on the AL field...Quotations pulled out a victory from a very good Mainstay team. The game was as good as they get. When one team scored the other team came right back. Danny McLoughlin had 3 hits. Matt Pennoni was on base 3 times and scored 3 runs. Johnny Francis was on base all 4 times up and had the game winning double in the bottom of the 7th inning. Danny pitched well and Evan Perks came in as the closer to stop anymore rallies by Mainstay.


Well played game by both teams!

Pitch Counts:

     Golub 76
      Juliana 62
     Arizin 11

     McLaughlin 76
     Pennoni 15
     Adcock 33
     Perks 36