May 30, 2012
NL Game 51

Dodgers (Media Copy)     6

Marlins (ICS Corporation)     4


San Francisco, Dodgers, Do the little things to win

(Media, PA) - Michael San Francisco's speed and athleticism were on full display in the late stages of the Dodgers 6-4 victory over the Marlins on Wednesday night. With the Dodgers clinging precariously to a 5-4 lead in the bottom of the 5th , San Francisco worked a lead off walk (little thing #1). He then used his blazing speed on a straight steal of 2nd that caught the Fish off-guard and later advanced to 3rd on a passed ball (little thing #2). After he put himself in scoring position, he scored on Shane Kokoska's well placed fielder's choice RBI (little thing #3). Kokoska took a 2 strike pitch and smartly pushed it to the right side allowing San Francisco to score and put the Marlins up 6-4. San Francisco was his usual philosophical self after the game, "Like hot dog need bun and bird need need nest, baseball needs glove. I just take ball to its home. Namaste". Huh?

Moving to the top the 6th, the Marlins were down 2 but threatening with runners on 1st and 2nd and just one out. Kokoska was now on the mound and San Francisco was manning second base. Kokoska got his 2-1 offering up in the zone and the Marlin hitter smoked a line drive destined for the right-center gap. Enter San Francisco. The second basemen leaped and nearly speared the line drive to force a game ending double play. As it turned out, he could not secure the catch but by keeping the ball in the infield (little thing #4), San Francisco was able to neatly flip the ball to shortstop Adrian Kohler to force the runner at 2nd base to get the all important 2nd out. Keeping the rocket line drive in the infield not only allowed for force out but it also prevented at least one run from scoring. Kokoska struck out the next hitter to allow the Dodgers to win another nail biter.

Dodger pitching was very strong again. Although they lead league in runs scored, Dodger pitching has been dominate of late. After allowing 4 Marlins to score in the top of the first, the Dodger staff shut out the Marlins over the last 5 innings. Adrian Kohler and Garvey Williams both pitched back to back shut out innings. Kokoska posted the final goose egg when he posted his league leading 5th save. Manager Randy Cropper gushed about his pitching. "Kohler, Williams, Kokoska, Much, Sacks, Cropper... we can go 6 deep and not skip a beat. I taught them everything I know. That's really the difference. Me, that is.".

Foul Balls... Dodger rookie and utility player extraordinaire, Liam Buckley, has been put on the disabled list. He will not be available until next season. Buckley suffered a fractured wrist while on a humanitarian mission in Avalon, NJ. Said Buckley, "Every Memorial Day I like to give to those in need. Because of the awful economy, right now there are many beach houses with only 2 bathrooms. So sad. I mean, it's hard to believe that in this day and age someone would need to wait to do their business after day of boating. We installed 15 powder rooms at bay front properties in need. A toilet fell off a truck and got my wrist. Gold toilets are heavy!". Amen, Liam. Amen. ... The Dodgers' magic number is down to one to clinch the regular season division championship. Any combination of an A's loss or a win Saturday vs. the Pirates and Dodgers will be the #1 seed in the playoffs ... Shane Kokoska saw The Avengers this weekend. Despite the great reviews nationwide, Shane's was mixed. "I mean, the movie was awesome. I really liked it. But when I said my favorite character was Hawkeye, my Mom yelled at me and said the best was Thor. Then she just kept talking about how much she liked Thor. Thor this, Thor that (sigh). It was really awkward in front of my friends." .... The Dodgers and 6-1 in games decided by 3 runs or less (does not include those awful ties).