May 21, 2012
NL Game 46

Orioles (Quinn Construction)     4
Pirates (Concord Auto Body)    3


We had some serious baseball Monday night. The pitching was stellar even as a light mist came down at MLL.

The O’s were able to jump out to a 3 run 1st with clutch at bats by the O’s….the Pirates came out and scored 2 in the bottom of the first. After that the pitchers settled into the game. Sammy “Junk” Burman shut down the potent Pirates attack and handed the ball to Eli – who worked the next three innings striking out 9 and allowing one run.

Game Ball – Eli “Finger” McEntire.

Quote of the game goes to Justin “Coach I forgot my glove and cup but I remembered my hat!!! Don’t worry Dad’s on the way” one inning later…after realizing we were missing our 2nd baseman Justin again “sorry coach – I left my glove in the bathroom – had to go!!! But I’m GOOD now!!!”