May 16, 2012
NL Game 40

Dodgers (Media Copy)     10
Athletics (Court Diner)    9

Dodgers Survive, Beat A's in Thriller 10-9

Media (AP) - Redemption, that was the theme of the evening as the Dodgers fought, scratched and clawed their way to heart-pounding, one run win in front of a sellout crowd of 72 adoring parents. It was a long game, painful at times, put the Dodgers showed true, John Wayne-style grit in securing the victory. Max Cummings, Shane Kokoska, and Sam Much all failed to produce runs early in the game as the Dodgers sputtered out of the gate. But when the chips were down, Cummings, Kokoska and Much showed their true colors. Each produced key hits in the late innings, with runners in scoring position, to bring the Dodgers back and eventually ahead. However, no hit was more dramatic than the double that Cummings smashed to deep left to score winning run. Down in the count 0-2, with two outs and the winning run just 60 feet away, Cummings hammered a down and in fastball to secure the win. in the game's final inning. "What can I say? I am just a big, hairy, American hitting machine.", asserted Cummings as he signed autographs after the game.

Pitching and defense also were key for the Dodgers. Three separate Dodger pitchers threw scoreless innings. Corin Sachs, Liam Buckley and Kokoska each notched a goose-egg on the score board. Kokoska picked up the win as he was the pitcher of record when Cummings performed his heroics. And defensively, Garvey Williams and Robert Johnson turned in strong efforts. "It was a true team effort tonight" commented Cropper, the Dodgers veteran skipper. "That, and scoring more runs than the other team. I think that really helped too.".

Foul Balls... The Dodgers 8 day hiatus between league games was the longest in their history ... After plunking a pair of brothers the last time he pitched against the A's, Shane Kokoska failed to hit any batters in his one inning of work. "I'm not sure what happened. They must've gotten quicker." quipped Kokoska. ... Speaking of hit batsmen, RJ Host found himself on the business-end of a 4th inning fast ball. It's the 3rd game in a row a Dodger has gotten hit. Dusty Baker would be proud.... And lastly, the Dodgers narrowly escaped tying their third game in a row.