April 21, 2012
NL Game 15

Dodgers (Media Copy)     21
Athletics (Court Diner)    18

Media (PA) - The law firm and Robert & Robert, that's Furlan and Johnson, combined for some late inning magic and the Dodgers concluded the second road game in as many days with a second win. Robert Furlan smoked a triple down the right field line and Robert Johnson pushed him across with a nicely placed single to plate an important late inning run as the Dodgers held on for their lives to earn a 21 to 18 victory. The win pushed them solidly into second place in the National League, one full game behind the rival Phillies, who edged them out earlier in the week for their only loss. Incidentally, Manager Randy Cropper withdrew his protest that he filed with MLL officials against his team's only loss when advised by League Czar Rich Hess that it was well within the league's guidelines for his team to lose a game.

Dodger pitching was once again strong. This time it was Michael Cropper and Shane Kokoska who combined for the win and save. For Kokoska, it was the second save of his young career. Also of note, Shane Kokoska became the first pitcher in history to hit two brothers with a pitch in the same inning. Said Kokoska after the game, "It was nothing intentional but I have to admit, setting records is cool... Do they have another brother?".

As their fielding continues to improve, slowly but (kinda, sorta) surely, the Dodgers do continue to hit. Kokoska, Cropper, Garvey Williams and Liam Buckley once again decimated opposition pitching. Line drives were the order of the day and the road Dodgers crossed the plate 21 times!

To quote Hunter Pence, "Good game... Let's go eat!". Seriously, this writer is starving so it's time to end this story.

Foul Balls: The pitching machine will be mothballed by next Saturday. Be ready for the real fun, and real baseball, to start very soon!!!