April 20, 2012
NL Game 13

Dodgers (Media Copy)    14
Twins (Professional Income Tax)     11

Media (PA) - It was 6:15 on Friday evening and the look of tension and concern on the face of Dodgers Manager Randy Cropper could be seen from Wimpy's, if not La Forno or even Starbucks. The problem was that his Dodgers were down for a second game in a row. And for a second game in a row Bench Coach Travis Kokoska was not in the dugout to steady his frayed nerves. Coach, breathe...BREATHE! What coach Cropper didn't know was that USAir flight 703 had landed safely at Philly International Airport and his dutiful assistant was en route to the MLL Stadium complex. And with that, the Dodgers returned from their self imposed exile in LA-LA land and "the muscles" (that's me!) return from Brussels just in time to save the day. Oh, and it didn't hurt that the actual Dodger players played a great game!

Garvey Williams and Corin Sacks turned in tremendous pitching performances to combine for the win and save respectfully. Sam Much tagged up to score on a beautiful sacrifice fly to score a key run, and the bats were once again en fuego. Max Cummings continues his torrid hitting and others like Michael Cropper, RJ Host and Adrian Kohler pounded out the hits and ran the bases with a vengeance.

Then, to seal the deal and the end the drama, Shane Kokoska spearheaded the game ending play. With the bases loaded, Kokoska stabbed a hard hit grounder in the hole from his shortstop position and cool as a cucumber shoveled it over to Liam "Mr. Grand Slam" Buckley to end the game on a sweet force play. Trammell to Whitaker, Vizquel to Alomar, Tinkers to Evers...you have all been put on notice!

Foul Balls:
Lastly, some notes from Belgium for the parents...

  1. Mussels and Fries... great

  2. Fresh cooked waffle smothered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce... greater

  3. Belgian Chocolate... THE GREATEST (Seriously folks, it's really that good. And no, me and the Mrs aren't sharing!)

Oh yeah...Grimbergen Tripel, find it, enjoy it, thank me later.