May 19, 2012
ML Game 49

Carman Insurance    14

Hagan Funeral Homes    13

Carman never led in the game until the bottom of the 6th, Patrick O'Kane started the come back with an 0-2 shot over the fence, a pitch Manager Cavalcante wanted back. All Carman bats came alive led by O'Kane, Matt Kantner, Justin Heidig, Brian Dewar, Bradley Dinger, Dennis Harrsch, Keith Stubblebine, Brendan Stocku and Jack Fitzpatrick flew around the bases in the 6th to start the final Carman rally erasing a 13-7 deficit. It was a exciting game. Hagan was led by Robinson, Schlecht, and Castaldi at the plate.


John Curran had the winning walk-off double to complete the comeback!

Pitch Counts:


     O'Kane 86

     Harrsch 19

     Dinger 27


     Robinson 85

     Busche 53

     Schlecht 20