May 19, 2012
ML Game 48

Plush Mills   12
Moppert Brothers    2

Plush Mills and Moppert played in a game that was missing a combined 6 players that provided and opportunity for Kevin Smith and Leo Burman to step in and play very well. Leo Burman ended the game on his first Major League Home Run in the 5th inning. Mike Matteo also hit a Home Run for Moppert. Scott Rushton got Mopperts only other hit. JT Osher faced 5 batters and struck out all 5. Spencer Panzo was solid on the mound but also had 2 hits along with Max Daugherty's 2 hits. Conner Boyd, Kenny Jensen, JT Osher and Mikey Gerber each had a hit.

Pitch Counts:

Plush Mills:
     Osher 20
     Panzo 26
     Boyd 2

     Fooks 66
     Rushton 25