May 8, 2012
ML Game 39

Hagan's Funeral Home    8

Advocare CMA    2



Michael Castaldi pitched a gem of game, and led Hagan's FH to it's first winning streak of the season. Castaldi hurled a complete game, giving up four hits while striking out eight.

Leading Hagan's FH offensively was Drew Robinson, 2-4 with a double and a triple, Jamie Simpson, 3-3 with a double, Zac Schlecht, 3-3, and John Sudjian, 2-2, including a key 3-run double to break the game open in the 5th.

Daniel Crossan pitched 5 strong innings for Advocare.

Offensively for Advocare, Jack Kichula, Jared Brower, Eric McLaughlin and Daniel Crossan were each 1-3.

Pitch Count:
    Castaldi 86

    Crossan 87
    Pinheiro 18
    Fooks 21