May 5, 2012
ML Game 36

Plush Mills   6
Carman Insurance    5

Plush Mills spotted Carman 5 runs in the 3rd inning before scoring 3 runs in the 4th and 3 more in the 5th for the comeback win. Charlie Andress was dominant on the mound striking out 11, 1 walk and and 5 hits. Carman was lead by Pat O'Kane 2 singles and a triple, and Nate Furman, John Curran, Brad Dinger, and Sam Sav each getting a hit.

Plush Mills got their 1st home run of the year by AJ Santisi who also collected an additional hits, Chris Jackson triple Conner Boyd 2 hits, Charlie Andress, Kenny Jensen, Spencer Panzo, and Josh Zivik each had a hit. Justin Crawford played error free ball at 3rd with 3 nice plays. Plush Mills turned their 11th double play of the year.

Pitch Counts:
Plush Mills:
    Andress 80

    Heidig 55
    Furman 26