May 5, 2012
ML Game 34

Hagan's Funeral Home    8

Campbells Boathouse Restaurant    5



Game Summary
Behind the strong pitching of Drew Robinson (10Ks, 3 W, 1 hit) and Michael Castaldi (2Ks) Hagan’s won their third game.

Hagan's was cruising through the first 4 innings, but the never say die Boathouse Boys made a strong comeback to put a scare into Hagan's.

Max Elfenbein's catch on a deep drive to centerfield preserved the win for Hagans.

Hitting was led by Paul Barker (3-3), Zach Schlect (2-3), John Sudjian( 2-3), Max E. (1-1, walk), and Drew Robinson (2-4).

Campbell's offense in the 4th inning comeback attempt, came from hits off the bats of Laut, Brendon Ricciardi, Bryan Pazulski and Jake Fisher.  But it wasn't enough to keep interim Manager Bob Ziegler from picking up his 1st Major League victory!


Web Gems go to:

* John Sudjian’s backhand stop and throw to get the speedy Devon Laut at first.

* Joshua Grady's spear of a line drive hit by Jaime Simpson.

* Max Elfenbein's catch on a deep drive to center to end the game.

* Devon Laut's catch of a sinking line drive off the bat of Drew Robinson.



Pitch Counts:
Hagan's FH:
    Robinson – 85

    Castaldi – 26

    Riccardi – 78
    Daugherty – 20

    Laut – 8