April 28, 2012
ML Game 24

Plush Mills   12
Advocare CMA   1


Plush Mills scored 7 runs in the first , 4 in the second and 1 more to 10 run rule Hagans. JT Osher pitched 3 strong innings and Charlie Andress finished the game. Plush Mills used strong defense, 2 double plays to keep Hagans from mounting any momentum. Plush Mills got 2 hits from AJ Santisi, Connor Boyd, Kenny Jensen and Max Daugherty. Charlie Andress, JT Osher each had a hit.

Advocare was lead by Dan Crossan, Jack Kichula, Zach Cimino, Teva Hollinger, and Will Plotts with each getting a hit.



Pitch Counts:
Plush Mills:
    Osher 59
    Andress 16
    Santisi 21

    Kuchula 76
    Johnson 30