April 24, 2012
ML Game 18

Plush Mills 10
Hagan's Funeral Home 8

Plush Mills trailed most of the game until the top of the 6th scoring 5 runs. Plush Mills used strong pitching Charlie Andress, AJ Santisi and JT Osher and timely hitting, Charlie Andress, Conner Boyd, JT Osher, Kenny Jensen each with 2 hits and Josh Zivik and Spencer Panzo with a hit a piece. Spencer's hit was a bases loaded double in the 6th.

Josh Zivik had 3 outstanding catches in left field. Max Daugherty walked 3 times scoring once.


Hagan's was led by 10 year old Max Brown 2 hits, Tommy Ziegler 2 hits and Drew Robinson 2 hits. Paul Barker had 2 triples. Zachary Schlect had several outstanding plays at first.

Pitch Counts:
Plush Mills:
    Andress 44
    Oesher 43
    Santisi 21

    Robinson 83
    Busche 65