April 21, 2012
ML Game 16

Carman Insurance    8

Advocare CMA    6


Carman received a strong outing from Justin Heidig who kept the Advocare bats at bay for 4 and 1/3 innings. Carman's hit parade was led by Patrick O'Kane with 3 hits, 2 doubles, Nathan Furman triple, 2 singles, Brendan Stocku added a single as did Sam Sav and Jack Fitzpatrick motored around the bases for a run scored. Advocare was led by Danny Crossan with 2 hits, triple, and Jared Brower 2 doubles, E Mac and Teva Hollinger added singles. Nathan Furman came in to save the win and give Advocare their 1st loss.



Pitch counts:


     Heidig 87

     Furman 23



     Brower 71

     Kichula 31