April 21, 2012
ML Game 15

Plush Mills    10
Baker Printing    6



Plush Mills started early scoring its first 2 batters and plating 3 more in the 3rd to take control of Baker to split the series. Plush Mills was once again led by JT Osher and Charlie Andress on the mound. JT pitched 4 strong innings and was helped by solid defense including a double play by AJ Santisi. Plush Mills had several players with 2 hits, AJ Santisi, home run , triple, Charlie Andress 2 single, JT Osher 2 singles, Kenny Jensen 3 rbi, Josh Zivik and Conner Boyd each with 2 hits. Max Daugherty had a hit and played well in centerfield.

Baker played strong and cut the lead to 2 before Plush Mills answered with 4 in the top of the 6th. Baker was lead by Justin Ross, Ryan Duplicki, Brendan Schramm, with 2 hits each. Brian Virbitsky, Zach Summy, Jeff Lunger and Giovanni Matarazzo each had a hit.

Pitch Counts:
Plush Mills:
     Osher 49
     Andress 31

     Duplicki 62
     Smith 46
     Virbitsky 1