April 16, 2012
ML Game 9 (7 innings)

Plush Mills    5

Hagan Funeral Home    4

In a game that went extra innings and was well pitched on both sides Robinson 11ks 1 walk, Osher 5 1/3 innings, and Charlie Andress 2 innings of no hit ball. Hagans staff had control issues that eventually caught up to them and Plush Mills took advantage of 4 walks for the win.

Plush Mills was lead once again by lead off hitter AJ Santisi, who used his speed to score in the 1st and 3rd inning. JT Osher scored twice and Charlie Andress scored the final run.

Hagans got hits from Robinson, Simpson, Zeigler, Brown, Castaldi and Gress.



Pitch Counts:
    Robinson 86
    Schlecht 9
    Simpson 35

Plush Mills:
    Osher 85

    Andress 19