April 10, 2012
ML Game 2

Plush Mills    4

Carman Insurance    3

In a well pitched game that saw AJ Santisi lead off with a triple and get knocked in by Charlie Andress to take an early 1-0 lead get quickly erased by strong early hitting by Patrick O Kane, Nate Furman and Justin Heidig to take a 3-1 lead that could have been much worse had JT Osher not make a perfect throw to Conner Boyd to shut down the rally.


Charlie Andress settled down and struck out 7 of the next 9 batters. JT Osher came in relief and continued with excellent pitching striking out 5 over the next 3 innings.


Patrick O Kane kept Plush Mills down until AJ Santisi ripped a solid line drive past the outfield and used his blazing speed to score himself and Josh Zivik to take the lead in the top of the 5. Patrick ended the game with 9 k's and 1 walk.


Kenny Jensen and AJ Santisi lead Plush Mill with 2 hits each while Charlie Andress, Conner Boyd and Josh Zivik each had a hit.


Carman was lead by Patrick O Kane, Bradley Dinger and Justin Heidig with 2 hits, with John Curran, Nate Furman and Dennis Harrsch each had 1 hit.



Pitch Counts:
    O'Kane 86
    Heidig 9

Plush Mills:
    Andress 61
    Osher 44