June 2, 2012
CL Game 54

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   13

Rays (FiscalWise)   0



The Angels defeated the Rays 13-0 this afternoon at Continental Field in a game postponed from earlier in the day for weather.

For the Rays, batters Jimmy Cawley, Harry Simpson, Kenny Andenusi, Tucker Kinne and Ben Kinsley led the way with impressive hitting. Defensively, Pitcher (Tucker Kinne) and First Baseman (Ben Werner) combined for two defensive outs in the first inning, while Pitcher (Ben Werner) and first Baseman (Tucker Kinne) contributed to all three outs in the second inning.

The Angels had 23 hits in four innings of play, led by sluggers Michael Byrd (1 for 2, 1RBI), Alex Maillie (2 for 2, 1R, 1RBI), Jake Maillie (2 for 2, 1R), Isabella Mingioni (2 for 2, 1R), Sam Kleinman (1 for 2, 1R, 1RBI) and Sam Pietrzak (1 for 2, 1RBI). Defensively, the Angels made seven defensive outs, led by several cool-handed ground outs executed by pitcher Jake Maillie.

The Rays complete their regular season schedule this Tuesday, June 5th with a game against the Mariners at 6pm. The Angels go into the postseason with a record of 9-5, preparing for the playoffs.



First Inning - 2 Runs
#1 Alex Pak (Michael Costello 1B)
     #2 Kadin Matotek (Dylan Colvin 1B)

Second Inning - 1 Run
     #3 Alex Maillie (Sam Kleinman groundout)

Third Inning - 5 Runs
     #4 Alex Pak (Kadin Matotek 1B)
     #5 Kadin Matotek (Joshua Emery 1B)
     #6 Michael Costello (Sam Pietrzak 1B)
     #7 Dylan Colvin (Michael Byrd 1B)
     #8 Joshua Emery (Alex Maillie 1B)

Fourth Inning - 5 Runs
     #9 Jake Maillie (Rowan Degnan 1B)
     #10 Isabella Mingioni (Alex Pak 1B)
     #11 Sam Kleinman (Kadin Matotek 1B)
     #12 Rowan Degnan (Michael Costello Groundout)
     #13 Alex Pak (Dylan Colvin 1B)