May 19, 2012

CL Game 43

Brewers (Omega Corporate Systems)   6
Rays (FiscalWise)   5

It was a beautiful day for baseball!

The coaches for the Rays and Brewers originally were to be one team, however, since the pre-season split and the 1-1 tie in mid-April, both teams were chomping at the bit for this heated grudge match to finally settle the score.   (Ok. I'm just joking. We are all good friends.)

The Rays' coaches were a bit nervous 10 minutes after the game's start time as only 5 players had arrived. With two late arrivals, the Rays "Mighty 7" took to the plate.

The Rays batted around scoring 2 in the first. Highlighted by Ben W.'s monster double. Defensively, the Brewers made 3 fielding outs.

With no catcher and only 2 outfielders, the Rays took the field. The Brewers tied it up plating 2 runs to tie it up with RBI's from Philip and Isaiah.

The Rays were held to two singles.

The Brewers had 4 consecutive hits. The fourth was a single by Quin to put the Brewers ahead 3-2.

The Rays batted around again (plus 1 more) sending 8 to the plate. 5 singles scored to more Rays pushing the Rays into the lead at 5-3.

The Brewers loaded the bases in the third and did not score.

Codie made a great unassisted out at second base to keep the game close. Chase made a key slide into third base.

With the score still 5-3 and one out, the Rays loaded the bases with 3 hits. The Rays hit an infield pop up which Jason ran in and caught. All of the runners took off and there was a chance for our first double play.

The Rays, Ben W, beat the throw back to first. A strike out retired the side.

The Brewers, down two, needed a rally. After the first batter struck out, Jason W. hit a screamer out into the outfield. The ball made it back in to the infield, just a hair before Jason was half way home. A big triple. Next up, Jenny, hit a crisp single to score Jason and close the gap to 4-5. Quin singled and then Jakob singled to load the bases. After a strike out, up to the plate lumbered Philip C. Philip deposited the first pitch into the outfield. With Jenny and Quin running with all there might, both made it around to score. A 6-5 win for the Brewers.

The Rays bats were hot with only 9 strike outs. The Brewers fielders managed to get 9 fielding outs.

Brewers posted 21 hits.

Rays pounded out 17 hits.

Hitters of the game were the Rays Jimmy C at 5 for 5, Ben W at 4 for 5 and Quin Z 4 for 4, Jenny 2 for 3, Jason W 3 for 3, Philip C 3 for 4 with 3 RBI included the 2 game winning RBIs in the bottom of the sixth with 2 outs.

"'s always a good day when you get grass stains on your knees..."