June 5, 2012
CL Game 38

Mariners (Cavanagh Funeral Home)     8

Rays (FiscalWise)     6



Mariners @ Rays In the last game of the regular season, the Rays took on the Mariners. The Rays took a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first with an RBI single by T. Kinne, which scored J. Cawley. The Mariners tied it up in the top of the 2nd with an RBI single by C. Curran, which scored E. Smith. Heading into the 4th inning, the score remained tied at 1-1. In the top half of the 4th inning, Mariners plated 5 runs on 5 singles and 1 triple. The key plays were a single by A. Lyon (1 RBI), followed by a triple by G. Tamburello (3 RBI), and a single by C. Paukstis (1 RBI). In the bottom half of the 4th, the Rays tied the game at 6-6 with 5 runs of their own on 5 singles and 1 double.

The Mariners scored two in the top of the 5th on an RBI single by J. Wilson and an RBI single by C. Bramley. The Rays threatened in both the 5th and 6th, but failed to score a run.

The game ended with the score: Mariners 8 Rays 6

Game Notes:

     J. Cawley (3 for 3)
     B. Werner (2 for 3)

     Z. Schuller (2 for 3)

     T. Kinne (2 for 3)

     T. Adenusi (2 for 3)

     B. Kinsley (2 for 3)


     E. Smith (4 for 4)

     J. Cohen (3 for 3)

     C. Paukstis (3 for 4)

     S. Hall (3 for 4)

     J. Wilson (2 for 4)