May 5, 2012
CL Game 31

Brewers (Omega Corporate Systems)   5
Mariners (Cavanaugh Funeral Home)   3



The Mariners hot sluggers were Ethan S., Jeremy C., and Noah G. collectively going 8 for 9. The Mariners power hitting line up loaded the bases in 3 innings.

The Brewers took a one run lead in the bottom of the first. After the third inning, it remained 1-0. Then the bats heated up.

In the fourth the Mariners scored 3 runs and had 5 consecutive hits. The Brewers scored one in the bottom of the fourth inning to cut the deficit to 2-3.

In the fifth, with the score tied and bases loaded, Quin Z. hit the single to move the Brewers ahead for good. The Brewers scored 3 runs in the fifth inning to regain the lead 5-3.

In the sixth the Mariners loaded the bases with no outs, however no runs scored ending the game.

Nico S., Jakob K., Jenny M. and Chase M. each went 2 for 3.

Nico and Codie continue to impress at the plate.

Codie M. and Quin Z. went 3 for 3.



"...any day you can go home with grass stains on your knees, is a good day..."