May 5, 2012
CL Game 30

Tigers (Sposato Homes)   8

Rays (FiscalWise)   7



Very exciting game on an overcast morning, on a field saved by the magic of Commander Kron after a heavy night of rain

Sycamore Mills Road seemed to be missing a few sycamores on my drive home because the Rays and the Tigers banged out 36 hits in this one.

The Rays took a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the 4th, when the Tigers bats finally woke up, only to see the Rays come stinging back in the 6th to make this one a nail biter.

The Rays were led by a 3 hit day from Kenny Adenusi and 2 hit days from the torrid Jimmy Cawley, Harry Simpson, Zach Schuller,, Ben Werner, Jared Venit, Taiwo Adenusi and Tucker Kinne

The Tigers were led by 3 for 3 days from Chase Nangle, Andrew Kirkpatrick and Declan Hefferan