May 4, 2012
CL Game 29

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   11

Diamondbacks (Cocco's Pizza)   2



The Rose Tree Fire Co Angels defeated the Diamondbacks tonight 11-2 at Continental field. Despite the scoring, this was a shining defensive show put on by both teams. Defensive highlights included:

The Angels scored 11 runs off 20 hits for the night, led with 3 for 3 performances by Alex Pak (1 HR, 1 RBI, 3R), Joshua Emery (3R, 1 RBI), Michael Costello (1 3B, 2R, 2 RBI), Kadin Matotek (1 2B, 2R, 2 RBI) and Dylan Colvin (1 2B, 1R, 2 RBI). Rowan Degnan had a 2 for 2 night and Isabella Mingioni scored an impressive hit in the fourth inning.


The Diamondbacks scored two runs off 10 hits. Milan Hortua went 2 for 2 to lead the way, while Kelton Brunner (1R), Nicholas Corritore (1R), Joey Cornacchia (1 RBI), Jake McDowell (1 RBI), Sam Davenport, Lizzy Gibian, Dylan LeBuhn and Alex Turmel added a hit apiece. Perhaps the loudest cheers came for the D'backs' gritty Turmel, who connected for his first hit of the season in the 6th inning, evoking a standing ovation from both sides of the field.




First Inning 3 Runs
    #1 - Alex Pak (Alex Pak HR)
    #2 - Joshua Emery (Michael Costello 3B)
    #3 - Kadin Matotek (Dylan Colvin 2B)

Third Inning 3 Runs
    #4 - Alex Pak (Joshua Emery 1B)
    #5 - Joshua Emery (Michael Costello 2B)
    #6 - Michael Costello (Kadin Matotek 1B)

Fifth Inning 5 Runs
    #7 - Alex Pak (Kadin Matotek 1B)
    #8 - Joshua Emery (Dylan Colvin 1B)
    #9 - Michael Costello (Dylan Colvin 1B)
    #10 - Kadin Matotek (Michael Byrd 1B)
    #11 - Dylan Colvin (Michael Byrd 1B)





Fourth Inning 2 Runs
    #1 - Kelton Brunner (Joey Cornacchia 1B)
    #2 - Nicholas Corritore (Jake McDowell 1B)