May 1, 2012
CL Game 26

Tigers (Sposato Homes)   8

Rays (FiscalWise)   2



Great effort from both teams on a great night for baseball

The Rays defense halted many potential big innings. Charlie Kellogg and Ben Werner both caught pop ups and Zach Schuller, Eli Dietrich and Tucker Kinne all made great put outs on ground balls. But in the end the Tigers brought out too much wood led by big days from Brendan Hefferan (4 for 4, 2B and 2RBI), Chase Nangle (3 for 3, 2B and 2 RBI) and the Funky Fleet Footed Flash Frenzy of Declan Hefferan and Sean O'Shea (3 for 3 and 2R scored each).

The Rays were led on offense by Keegan Bradley (3 for 3) and Jimmy Cawley (2 for 2) and would have had a tank full more runs if not for outstanding defense by the Tigers Jaden Jauregui, who robbed Zach Schuller and Ben Werner of big extra base hits with great glove work.