April 28, 2012
CL Game 24

Brewers (Omega Corporate Systems)   7
Dodgers (Allied Building)   2


What a game! If you wanted to see a well played baseball game, then this was a great game to see.
The Brewers and the Dodgers played a game where the defense made 16 fielding outs out of 33.
The Brewers struck out three times in the 2nd inning, otherwise, the defense retired a player or more each half inning.

For the Dodgers, Matt S. went 3 for 3, Philip C. went 2 for 2 and Seamus R. went 2 for 2.
The Dodgers pitchers were scooping up balls and making outs. They were impressive.

For the Brewers, Will R. and Jason W. went 3 for 3.
In the field, Quin Z. at first, stretched out with his foot on the bag and made a remarkable bellyflop catch.
Brewers Shortstop Isaiah threw out a runner at first.

Both teams had allot of fun and played impressive baseball.

"...any day you can go home with grass stains on your knees, is a good day..."