April 28, 2012
CL Game 23

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   11

Rays (FiscalWise)   1

Angels defeated the Rays 11-1 yesterday

The Angels pounded out 26 hits to defeat the Rays 11 - 1 yesterday at the Continental Field. It was a true team effort with Alex Pak, Michael Costello, Kadin Matotek, Dylan Colvin, Damien Carr, Michael Byrd, Sam Kleinman and Rowan Degnan all having multiple hits in the game. The Angels complemented their offense with timely fielding including a terrific bang-bang play at 2nd base executed by Kadin and Alex.

The Rays played very well garnering 10 hits led by Harry S, Zach S and Keegan B who each had two hits apiece.